March 2019

How do we teach physical examination skills? Approaches to Teaching the Physical Exam to Preclerkship Medical Students: Results of a National Survey   Uchida T, ParkYS, Ovitsh RK, Hojsak J, Gowda D, Farnan JM, Boyle M, Blood AD, Achike FI, and … Continued

February 2019

Going mobile A library mobile deployment to enhance the medical student experience in a rural longitudinal integrated clerkship. Johnson EM, Howard C. J Med Lib Assoc 2019; 107(1)     What was the study question? Do iPad Minis that … Continued

January 2019

Ready, Willing and Disabled “Being on Both Sides”: Canadian Medical Students’ Experiences With Disability, the Hidden Curriculum, and Professional Identity Construction. Stergiopoulos E, Fernando O & Martimianakis MA. Academic Medicine (2018); 93(10): 1550-9.     Under-reporting of student disabilities to … Continued

Virtual Patient Cases: Do students like ‘em? Do they do them? Impact of Required Versus Self-Directed Use of Virtual Patient Cases on Clerkship Performance: A Mixed-Methods Study? Kim S, Willett LR, Pan W, Afran J, Walker JA, Shea JA. Academic Medicine. 93 (5): 742-749. Reviewed by Miriam Schechter What was the study question?Is there a difference in perceived value or educational benefit of virtual patient cases between groups ofclerkship students who are assigned online cases and those allowed to choose the ones they … Continued

To Flip or Not to Flip—That is The Question Academic outcomes of flipped classroom learning: a meta-analysis. Chen, K. S., Monrouxe, L., Lu, Y. H., Jenq, C. C., Chang, Y. J., Chang, Y. C., & Chai, P. Y. Medical Education 2018. ePub ahead of print. Reviewed by Aleisha Nabower What were the study questions? Is the flipped classroom learning approach associated with students’ enhanced knowledge and behavior more than the lecture-based learning approach in higher education? Does this differ by context? How was the … Continued

Feeling a Little Self-Conscious? Who Am I, and Who Do I Strive to Be? Applying a Theory of Self-Conscious Emotions to Medical Education. Bynum WE, Artino AR. Academic Medicine. 93(6):874–880. Reviewed by Fatima Aly What was the study question? What is self-conscious emotion and what impact does it have on medical learners, especially in regards to professional identity formation, motivation and perfectionism? How was the study done? The authors … Continued

But…what really influences a learner to attempt a skill on patient? Not just trust: factors influencing learners’ attempts to perform technical skills on real patients Susan L Bannister, Mark S Dolson, Lorelei Lingard & David A Keegan. Medical Education 2018: 52: 605–619. Reviewed by Kari Phang, MD and Patricia McBurney, MD What was the study question?What factors and dynamics are involved when residents/fellows attempt technical procedures onreal patients in the pediatric emergency department? How was the study done?A multi-phased qualitative study … Continued