The goals of the COMSEP Research and Scholarship Collaborative are to promote and facilitate medical education scholarship, equip its members to engage in sound research and scholarship, and help provide a collaborative network to grow medical educators. Specific collaborative tasks include:

  1. Partner with annual meeting committee in the abstract and innovations review process.
  2. Provide a forum for research projects.
  3. Present workshops regarding medical education scholarship.
  4. Foster collaboration among COMSEP members to produce scholarship via multi-institutional projects, systematic reviews and workshops presented at COMSEP and other national and international meetings.
  5. Foster collaboration about research and scholarship between COMSEP and other medical education organizations.

At our two collaborative meetings, in addition to other topics and activities depending on the needs of our collaborative, we include the following:

  1. Review the abstract review process to inform, recruit and actively engage members for the upcoming year
  2. Plan and recruit leaders/co-leaders for an annual medical education scholarship preconference and annual conference workshops
  3. Review current multi-institutional scholarly projects and brainstorm for future scholarly projects with our members
  4. Solicit ideas for projects that can foster the collaborative mission

We welcome suggestions, questions and ideas from all COMSEP members. Please contact any of the collaborative leaders. 

Leaders: Robyn Bockrath, Jen Trainor, Helen Wang & Esther Chung

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