What is C3?

The Curriculum Taskforce has developed the C3 COMSEP Clinical Cases and an accompanying instructor guide. Some clerkship directors and educators use these problem sets to teach factual information and clinical reasoning. Others use these as teaching resources for residents and faculty who may be out of their comfort zone.

The C3 user’s guide is peer-reviewed and published as a password-protected document on the COMSEP website.

The C3 guides are written to address the learning objectives of junior medical students. The format of each user’s guide follows a template that includes definition of terms, review of important concepts, historical points, physical exam findings, clinical reasoning questions, and supplemental learning activities to not only provide answers but to supplement discussion for each case.

These cases correlate with the Third Year Curriculum and its goals and objectives.

Instructor’s Guide

The comprehensive C3 Instructor Guide including all content areas.

COMSEP Clinical Cases and Instructor Guides by content area


C3 Content

  • Health Supervision Cases
  • Growth Cases
  • Development Cases
  • Behavior Cases
  • Nutrition Cases
  • Prevention Cases
  • Issues Unique to Adolescence Cases
  • Issues Unique to the Newborn Cases
  • Medical Genetics and Dysmorphology Cases
  • Common Acute Pediatric Illnesses Cases
  • Common Chronic Illness and Disability Cases
  • Therapeutics Cases
  • Fluid and Electrolyte Management Cases
  • Poisoning Cases
  • Pediatric Emergencies Cases
  • Child Abuse Cases
  • Child Advocacy Cases

C3 Instructor Guides