Since its publication in 1995, the APA/COMSEP General Pediatric Clerkship Curriculum has been adopted by more than 90% of the Pediatric Clerkships in North America. The broad goal of the General Pediatric Clerkship Curriculum is to provide an educational roadmap to build a program of medical student education in Pediatrics, not just in the clerkship year but throughout the entire medical school experience. Since its original publication, the Curriculum has been modified twice; once in 2002 and again in 2005. The revisions have been initiated by Clerkship Directors to respond to evolving trends and pressures in medical student education. The most recent revision makes the Curriculum an explicitly competency-based curriculum, sets standards for core competencies to be achieved during the clerkship experience, and outlines an approach to meet the standards of the Liaison Committee on Medical Education

The June 2005 revision reflects the hard work, dedication, and experience of an enormous number of people. It is truly a product of the entire COMSEP organization. The Evaluation Task Force under the leadership of Paula Algranati and Lindsey Lane, the Ambulatory Pediatric Association Medical Student Education Special Interest Group under the direction of Lindsey Lane and William Raszka, and the Curriculum Task Force headed by William Raszka, and Steve Miller, past President of COMSEP, helped spearhead the effort. In the end, almost 100 people dedicated time to this project.

Planning for the next revision of the COMSEP curriculum – anticipated in 2020 – is now underway.

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Updated August 2018.