The Technology Collaborative focuses on best practices for the application of technology in pediatric medical student education. As technology advances, our Collaborative reviews products and makes recommendations to the membership about ways to integrate these products into pediatric education. We aim to make technology less intimidating and show how it can make our job of teaching and practicing medicine easier. Our collaborative consists partly of “techies” and partly of individuals who would like to learn to be more tech savvy in their teaching. Everyone is welcome to participate, and every year we discover new and exciting tools to expand our teaching arsenal.

Some of our projects include our Tech Mentorring during the annual meeting where we demonstrate some of our favorite tech tools. We create and distribute a publication called Tech Bytes in which we share our favorite apps and tools with COMSEP.  We have periodic Tech Bytes newsletter highlighting useful tools for different educational needs that has become a database. Our Collaborative meetings at COMSEP always include an inspirational “show and tell” session where our members present new apps and unique ways of incorporating technological tools into medical education.

We hope you will join our exciting Collaborative!

Leaders: Aleisha Nabower, Gordon Tan and Stephanie Berger

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