COMSEP's COACH Certificate Program kicked off in 2022 followed by a rewarding and successful program in 2023. This interactive, longitudinal course, based on the competencies of the International Federation of Coaches, gives medical educators the skills and resources to effectively coach their learners and peers.

Why Coaching?

Coaching has broad applicability and is focused on asking questions that encourage exploration and curiosity in the coachee.  While mentoring is sometimes thought of as creating someone like oneself by directing them, coaching involves helping others achieve their goals by asking reflective and thoughtful questions.

Program Overview

Program elements include orientation materials, welcome reception, one-and-a-half-day in person conference taught by certified coaches that will include large group sessions and peer coaching practice, longitudinal learning and practice during monthly conference calls, and a final half day virtual capstone course and celebration!

COMSEP COACH Certificate Program 2024

September 16– 18, 2024 | Location: Arlington, VA (Outside of DC)

Cost: $2,000 for COMSEP members, $2,500 for non-members

Due to the interactive nature of this program, registration is limited to 30 participants.