Do you struggle with how to get your faculty and residents to complete assessments or evaluations of your students? Do you wish you knew more about assessing students, including national resources and guidelines, the pros and cons of the various methods of assessment and how to find information about validity evidence for these tools? Would you like to hear about ongoing projects related to assessment & evaluation that you could get involved in? Have you ever wondered why some people say “assessment” and others say “evaluation”? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then the Assessment & Evaluation Collaborative is for you!

We have a few Action Teams that you may want to join – the Student Workplace-Based Easy Evaluation Tool (SWEETool), the Script Concordance Testing, and the Assessment Practices Survey. You may also want to connect with others to form your own Action Team. In this collaborative, we aim for participants to:

1. Gain knowledge about assessment and evaluation

2. Connect with others interested in this topic

3. Share frustrations and strategies related to assessment and evaluation

4. Provide opportunities for members to get involved in an Action Team if they so choose

5. Share assessment tools. We welcome you to join us and share your ideas!

Leaders: Veronica Gonzalez, Antoinette Spoto-Cannons & Jennifer Thompson

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