The mission of COMSEP is to promote exemplary teaching practices, advance innovation and scholarship in medical student education in pediatrics, and foster personal growth, professional success and collaboration among our members,  with a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusivity.

COMSEP is an international community of educators who are passionate about advancing the art and science of medical student education in pediatrics. Our vision is: Better health for all patients through pediatric education.

COMSEP Statement of Inclusivity

The Council on Medical Student Education in Pediatrics (COMSEP) recognizes and acknowledges the longstanding negative impacts of bias, inequities, overt and subtle discrimination, and racism on medical education and healthcare. As pediatric medical educators, we continue to see the impact of these factors on medical learners, faculty, and administrative staff, particularly those related to race, ethnicity, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs, age, and disability. COMSEP is committed to dismantling the systems that perpetuate and promote disparities within medical education and patient care. As an organization, we are dedicated to continually educating ourselves and others and promoting the creation of equitable and inclusive learning environments.

Our main goals are to:

Provide support, resources and programs to enable every member to thrive as pediatric educators

The COMSEP annual meeting features interactive educational workshops, platform and poster presentations, meetings to work on projects, and opportunities to collaborate with colleagues.

COMSEP has a mentoring program to help every COMSEP member achieve their career potential.

COMSEP publishes a monthly Journal Club that helps members keep up to date on medical education literature.

Develop and share exemplary educational resources and practices

COMSEP is revising its curriculum to focus on core pediatric skills, attitudes and knowledge that every doctor needs to know to safely and compassionately care for children and youth. Assessment tools will be aligned with the curriculum.

We have faculty development and student education videos that our members can use at their own institutions.

We are developing program evaluation tools to help members improve their own programs and prepare for LCME accreditation.

Advance the science of medical education

COMSEP awards grants annually to fund medical education projects. Every person who submits a grant proposal receives customized feedback.

Members present their research and scholarship at the annual meeting after having been accepted through a peer-review process.

COMSEP sponsors a tri-annual publication in Pediatrics.

Work with other organizations to improve pediatric medical education

COMSEP works with other organizations in pediatrics and in undergraduate medical education in the United States and Canada with a focus on collaborative opportunities.

Be a part of a bigger community

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