Pediatric PreClerkship Educational Strategies for Objective 4–Communication

Video Based Learning Communication and Anticipatory Guidance

Objective Expanded:
    1. Standardized patients or direct practice with children of different ages and developmental stages 
      1. home-schooled children
      2. nursery schools/daycares
      3. elementary/middle/high schools
      4. faculty/resident children
    2. In the preceptor visit curriculum including pediatricians
      1. longitudinal continuity with a pediatric preceptor
      2. deliberate exposure to a pediatric practice 
    3. Role Plays
      1. Counsel on nutrition, activity, safety, and other…
    4. Practice Motivational Interviewing/Healthy lifestyle habit
      1. HS students interested in medicine as standardized patients, parental smoking cessation, regular exercise and healthy diet, and other…

Assessment Strategies:

(Direct Observation, Checklist, Passport, Short Answer questions, Peer Feedback, Standardized Patient Feedback, Self Assessment, OSCE)