The goal of the Post Clerkship Collaborative is to discuss, develop, and share new ideas and best practices related to pediatric post-clerkship experiences and residency preparation. Current projects include residency preparatory course (Boot Camp) curriculum development, Post-clerkship Director job description, and EPAs for transition to pediatric residency. The Post Clerkship Collaborative works in conjunction with the Core Clerkship and Pre-Clerkship Collaboratives where projects overlap. Please contact Molly Rideout, Michele Long, or Jennifer Plant with questions. New members are always welcome.

Leaders: Michele LongMolly Rideout and Jennifer Plant

Post-Clerkship Job Description

This statement from the COMSEP Post-clerkship Collaborative outlines the responsibilities and FTE needed to perform the duties of Post-clerkship Director.  It is intended to help faculty and pediatric programs recognize the importance of the job and the time needed to do it.