Strategies for Objective 2

Integrating Pediatrics into Preclinical Doctoring Courses

Video Based Learning- Exam and Development

Workshop Station Back to Elementary School

Objective Expanded:
    1. Small group (if possible) teaching session on relevant age appropriate physical exam
    2. Standardized patients or direct practice with children of different ages and developmental stages 
      1. home-schooled children
      2. nursery schools/daycares
      3. elementary/middle/high schools
      4. faculty/resident children
    3. In the preceptor visit curriculum including pediatricians
      1. longitudinal continuity with a pediatric preceptor
      2. deliberate exposure to a pediatric practice 
    4. Newborn nursery clinical experiences
    5. Deliberate practice of pediatric growth and development (eg growth charts, developmental milestones)
    6. Recognition of normal variations of vital signs on children of different ages, including growth parameters
    7. Pediatric boot camp prior to clerkship
      1. Physical exam workshop and skills night
    8. Videos (eg developmental milestone videos)

Assessment Strategies:

(Direct Observation, Checklist, Passport, Short Answer questions, MCQ questions, e.g. on vitals and growth, OSCE)