The resources listed below are provided as helpful sites to pediatric educators and are not officially endorsed by COMSEP. The information listed is provided from the website unless otherwise noted.

COMSEP Curriculum Support Resources:

Many educational resources exist for educators but the resources listed below were developed by COMSEP members specific for the COMSEP Curriculum. See the Curriculum support area for more details on each resource.


Pediatric Physical Examination

On-line or PDA Textbooks:

Merck text book
On-line access to text book information in Pediatrics. Seventeenth Edition, 1999.

MedicalStudent.Com is a digital library of authoritative medical information for all students of medicine. Links to multiple textbooks and resources on-line.

PocketMedicine.Com was founded in August of 2000 by Lewis Reines, a medical publisher with long experience in editorial and executive positions in the medical publishing business. It was his view that the use of handheld devices by healthcare professionals was an area of great potential for growth, and that the most effective medical content for use on those devices was going to be that written expressly for the handheld platform. That is, original content, written and edited by recognized authorities, for use at the point of care. Common Pediatric Problems available.

On-line Cases:

The links below were mentioned at least once in a limited survey of pediatric clerkship directors conducted in 2002. (Norm Berman).

  • AAP Otitis Media
    Multiple cases with video and picture images of all types of Otitis Media cases. This site is used by medical students, residents, and physicians around the country. Deterding
  • Bright Futures Center for Pediatric Education
    More than 25 self-contained educational modules are available through this site, covering important topics in child growth, development, behavior, and adolescent health. The materials have been written and edited by faculty from Children’s Hospital in Boston and Harvard Medical School. They have been reviewed by nationally recognized experts and pilot-tested and evaluated in pediatric residency programs across the U.S. These materials are freely available to help health care educators worldwide.
  • Virtual Hospital
    Virtual Hospital – Common pediatric problems, case simulations, multimedia text books, multimedia teaching files and much more are on this site.
  • GeneralPediatrics.Com
    one of the most complete sites for pediatric links. Deterding
  • Radiology Cases In Pediatric Emergency Medicine
    Dept. Pediatrics, University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine. Awarded the 1996 Professional Medical Education Award by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Wonderful site full of multiple Xray images used by medical students, residents, and physicians around the country. Deterding


Pediatrics: An Interactive Program. Braner, Zenel, Goldstein. W.B. Saunders CD-ROM of interactive cases.