COMSEP - The Council on Medical Student Education in Pediatrics - is an international community of educators who are passionate about advancing the art and science of medical student education in pediatrics. Our vision is: Better health for all patients through pediatric education.

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URiM Opportunities in Pediatrics

APPD and COMSEP are collaborating to create a listing of pediatric residency programs who are offering URiM visiting and virtual electives for students.


COMSEP 2024 Annual Meeting: Re-engaging Learners: Join the Parade!

The COMSEP annual meeting is a wonderful opportunity for educators and educational administrators to learn from each other through workshops, mentoring sessions, research presentations, task force meetings, as well as through networking and sharing ideas!

SAVE THE DATE: April 3-6, 2024 – New Orleans


Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation (LORs) in Pediatrics

COMSEP and APPD are pleased to share these Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation (LORs) in Pediatrics.

These guidelines have been developed by members of the Residency Recruitment Action Team (COMSEP, APPD, AMSPDC, Future Peds Res, NextGenPediatricians, and AAP Section on Pediatric Trainees) in response to broad concerns about the tremendous variability in the content of LORs. We hope that the guidelines will help letter writers and selection committees communicate meaningfully and efficiently.

We realize that many disciplines have their own approaches to LORs, so it is instructive to point out what the Pediatrics guidelines are intended to accomplish (and what they are not intended to do).

It is intended that these guidelines will: Standardize expectations for LORs, particularly for departmental letters of recommendation; Provide a shared structure for communicating about students, much as patient presentations have expected content delivered in a familiar rhythm that enhances communication; Provide a tool for faculty development, particularly for inexperienced letter writers; Mitigate bias in letter writing through enhanced awareness

Conversely: These guidelines are not mandatory – schools may use these guidelines, or not, as they wish; These guidelines do not contain, or promote, checklist evaluations of students; These guidelines do not promote ranking students by percentiles

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FEEDBACK on LOR Guidelines.

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