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Second Letter to Our Pediatrics Community
Re: 2021‐2022 Recruitment
August 13, 2021

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Dear COMSEP Colleagues:

I am delighted to inform you that the application system for COMSEP’s Fall Grant Proposal cycle is open for submission. You can access the system either through the COMSEP website ( or via this link

Please note that this year, in addition to our standard COMSEP Grants, we are also resuming the COMSEP-APPD LEARN collaborative grant mechanism.


Please see details highlighting the unique aspects of these 2 grants in the table below.

Description Smaller grants for projects of educational importance to pediatric undergraduate medical education Larger grant, in conjunction with APPD-LEARN ( the largest educational research network in North America, to help promote multi-institutional educational scholarship
Number of grants typically awarded/year 2-3 One
Maximum amount per grant $5000 $20,000
Duration of grant funding 2 years 2 years
Special requirements 1. A research topic that is of significance to pediatric undergraduate medical education

2. PI is COMSEP member

3. Research proposals on the following topics are strongly encouraged as well as topics aligned with COMSEP’s mission and strategic plan; these will be given priority, but proposals in other areas are also welcome:

a) Evaluation of novel curriculum delivery strategies or novel assessment strategies (some of which might have emerged out of necessity during the pandemic)
b) Innovative faculty development
c) Bias in medical education
d) Retention and advancement of faculty educators

1. A research topic that is of
significance to pediatric undergraduate medical education and ideally
addresses issues across the educational continuum

2. PI is COMSEP member

3. Study subjects are learners
(medical students or residents), although educators could also be included

4. A multi-institutional study
that cannot otherwise be feasibly conducted by COMSEP members using the
existing COMSEP Grant mechanism

Here is an example of one such

LEARN Grant recipients and their projects/emails are listed below. They have
graciously offered to answer questions anyone may have about this funding

Molly Rideout, MD, Department of
Pediatrics, University of Vermont Medical Center- MCHV Campus,

Title: Do Pediatric Boot Camps
Improve Performance During Early Internship?

Gonzalez, MD, McGovern Medical School at UTHealth

Predictors of Success: From Medical Student to Pediatric Resident

LOI Required as a
first step

An investigator whose LOI shows potential to be successful using APPD LEARN will be asked to complete and submit a more detailed research proposal. The APPD-LEARN team will assist the PI in fleshing out the proposal, developing a recruitment strategy and also assist in the design and implementation of every aspect of the study (including sampling and recruitment of institutional sites, IRB approval tool kits, etc).
Preproposal Optional- mechanism to get feedback on any aspect of your proposed submission. The structure should follow the same format as the full application. You do not need to include letters of support or evidence of IRB submission with the pre-proposal.
Deadlines Preproposals (optional)- October 14, 5 pm PST

Full grant- December 3, 2021, 5pm PST

LOI (required)- October 14, 5 pm PST

Full grant- December 3, 2021, 5pm PST

Start of funding June 1, 2022 June 1, 2022
Submission mechanism Preproposal (optional)- single PDF file emailed to

Full grant- COMSEP Website (see
links above and details below)

LOI (required)- email completed LOI template to

Full grant- instructions will be provided to PI selected to submit a full proposal

For COMSEP grant submissions using the website:

Please carefully read the information on the right side of the COMSEP Grant Application System page:  2021 Fall Call for Proposals to Advance Scholarship in COMSEP.  Then on the left side of the COMSEP Grant Application System page you will see the items that you are required to fill in or enter.  Note that all information after your name and institution must be uploaded in PDF format only.  When you have completed and uploaded each item, you will have completed the submission process; once submitted the system will not permit modifications to the Proposal.

This is an exciting opportunity for COMSEP members to advance their educational scholarship with innovative research focused on enhancing the quality and advancing undergraduate pediatric medical education.  Should you have any questions about your grant preparation, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Questions you might have even before submission of any documents?  Please contact any of the COMSEP Grant Committee members listed below:

Grant Committee Members:

Susan Bannister –
Michael Barone –
Gary Beck Dallaghan-
Lavjay Butani –
Gabrina Dixon-
Janet Fischel-
Karen Forbes-
Caroline Paul-
Michael Potts –
Deborah Rana-
Mike Ryan-
Rebecca Tenney-Soeiro –



Lavjay Butani
Chair, COMSEP Grant Committee

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