Pediatric PreClerkship Educational Strategies for Objective 5 – preventative medicine

Integrating pediatrics into preclinical doctoring courses

Video Based Learning Comprehensive H & P and Health Maintenance Info and Cases

Objective Expanded:
  1. Teaching sessions (ideally small group or workshop format) emphasizing healthy pediatric practices that can prevent adult illness
  2. Service Learning activities
  3. Newborn nursery clinical experience (observing counselling)
  4. Practice Motivational Interviewing
    1. HS students interested in medicine as standardized patients, parental smoking cessation, regular exercise and healthy diet, and other
  5. Flipped Classroom/Readings/Articles/Videos
  6. Quality Improvement Opportunities in Preventive Care
  7. Role Plays
    1. Counsel on nutrition, discipline, immunizations, safety, etc


(MCQs, Small Group participation, e.g. PBL/cases, short answer questions)