The COMSEP Administrator's collaborative is a group of professionals working towards sharing ideas and concerns to better assist us in the improved management of our Pediatric Clerkships. We strive to achieve the overall COMSEP mission to advance medical student education in pediatrics through a vibrant community of educators. We seek to advance professionally in research & development, technology through collaboration with other COMSEP collaboratives. Current Administrator Collaborative projects are: Academic Writing , Toolbox - Assembling the best tools for Coordinators, Using Technology: Evaluation Technology Tools, Pediatric Clerkship and Residency Coordinator collaboration, Curriculum change: The integration of MS2 and MS3 into Clerkships, Curriculum Change - Transitioning from longer to shorter rotations, Best Practices-- Improved Evaluations to increase student satisfaction.

Leaders: Wilhelmina Bradford, Maxine Schmeidler, Karen Webster & Olivia Winant

Our COMSEP Administrator’s Collaborative comprises of several Sub-Committees to highlight and focus on a particular aspect of professional development and work together to identify areas for growth and partnership. Groups generally meet once-a-month or quarterly to discuss new ideas, work on projects and to stay connected throughout the year. Our groups are open to all medical student education administrators.

If you have an idea for a topic / would like to start a Sub-Committee, please contact Olivia Winant

Administrators Convention Planning Group- Wilhelmina Bradford

Career Advising, Leadership and Mentoring (CALM) Elizabeth Sauve

Coordinators Connections – Taurean Urquhart & Alfreda Ellington

Orientation – Dedie Rosales & Debbie Hernandez

Professional Growth and Development – Maxine Schmeidler & Holly Frey

Quality Improvement – Karen Webster & Olivia Winant

Technology –Melissa Minton & Karen Webster