Educational Strategies for Objective 1

Example of Pediatric Pre-Clerkship Curriculum Proposal –Washington University

Examples of Pediatric Cases of the Week

Examples of Pediatric Teaching Strategies Integrated within Basic Sciences

Video Based Learning Pediatric Development Nutrition Imms Ant Guid

Objective Expanded:

a. Pediatric faculty are present and content is included within basic science blocks/courses. 


      1. Pediatric faculty present certain conditions and can discuss how these conditions may vary across the age spectrum
      2. Identify high yield pediatric USMLE Step 1 content
      3. Pediatric picture or case of the week activities
      4. Cross check core conditions in Core COMSEP curriculum to be included

b. Paid time/support for a preclerkship pediatric content director.


      1. Faculty member with overview responsibility of pediatric preclinical curriculum
      2. Pediatric clerkship director working together with pre-clerkship course directors to identify where content can be mapped out 

c. Development of modules with pediatric patients 

d. Integrating embryology within anatomy course

e. Pediatric considerations (e.g. weight based dosing) in pharmacology course 

f. Superblock of pediatrics/child development/life cycle

g. Flipped Classroom/Readings/Articles/Videos

Assessment Strategies:

(Exam, MCQs, USMLE Step 1 breakdown of pediatric material,  Small Group participation, e.g. PBL/cases, short answer questions)