January 2023

Hello COMSEP! The days are getting longer.   Hopefully your pineal gland has told your limbic area, and you are feeling a little lightening in your step. Please enjoy this month’s JC with those few extra minutes of daylight. Amit, Karen … Continued

December 2022

Hello COMSEP! It’s a busy time for many of us. Hope you can find a little virus-free time this month to recharge with loved ones. And hope you can find a little time for medical education, including this month’s excellent reviews. As … Continued

November 2022

Hello COMSEP! Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it!  We once again want to express our thanks for our reviewers, readers and the entire COMSEP organization for its support and enthusiasm. Enjoy this month’s medical education reviews, maybe with some pecan … Continued

October 2022

Hello COMSEP! Hope you had a chance to enjoy the beautiful fall weather (for many of us) this weekend, and that you find enjoyment in some aspect of Halloween next week. Enjoy this month’s medical education reviews. Hope you don’t … Continued

June 2022

Hello COMSEP! Happy midsummer.   Today is the day in the northern hemisphere that the sun is tilted closest to the earth, and it certainly feels that way. Stay cool, read the COMSEP Journal Club, and think about undergraduate medical education. … Continued

May 2022

Hello COMSEP! Today is Sherlock Holmes Day.   As medical educators, we might find Holmes’s approach to problem solving familiar—unsurprising since Holmes was based on one of the author’s medical school professors, Dr. Joseph Bell.    If you are so inclined, it … Continued

April 2022

Hello COMSEP! Today is National Velociraptor Day.  Hope to never meet one…. If you’re feeling inspired after a great meeting in Cincinnati, one way to contribute is by writing a review for the COMSEP Journal Club   Feel free to reach … Continued

March 2022

Hello COMSEP! Today is Black Press Day, commemorating the publication of the first newspaper produced by Black Americans in 1827.  Very appropriate given our upcoming meeting’s theme of diversity, equity and inclusion. Looking forward to seeing many of you soon! … Continued

February 2022

Hello COMSEP! Today is National Cherry Pie Day.  Not sure why they would designate a late-winter day with no fresh cherries to be found for Cherry Pie Day, but who are we to argue? Enjoy, Amit, Karen and Jon Evidence … Continued

January 2022

Hello COMSEP! Calling out to you from the depths of winter with another edition of COMSEP Journal Club. Perhaps appropriately, all of our reviews this month focus entirely or in-part on virtual education. Hang in there—things surely will be looking … Continued