March 2021

COMSEP Journal Club March 2021 Editors: Karen Forbes, Randy Rockney and Jon Gold   The value of deliberate reflection Exploring mechanisms underlying learning from deliberate reflection: An experimental study. Ribeiro LMC, Mamede S, de Brito EM, Moura AS, de Faria RMD, Schmidt HG.. Med Educ. 2021;55:404–412. medu.14410 Reviewed … Continued

February 2021

COMSEP Journal Club February 2021 Editors: Karen Forbes, Randy Rockney and Jon Gold   Medical Student Mistreatment: The Students’ Perspectives Why do few medical students report their experiences of mistreatment to administration? Bell A, Cavanagh A, Connelly CE, Walsh A, … Continued

January 2021

COMSEP Journal Club January 2021 Editors: Karen Forbes, Randy Rockney, and Jon Gold   Student life without honors grades Seligman L, Abdullahi A, Teherani A, Hauer K. From Grading to Assessment for Learning: A Qualitative Study of Student Perceptions Surrounding … Continued

December 2020

  COMSEP Journal Club December 2020 Editors: Jon Gold, Karen Forbes, and Randy Rockney   Grading and Its Meaning Are we measuring what matters?  How student and clerkship characteristics influence clinical grading.  Ingrams MA, Pearman JL, Estrada CA, Zinski A, Williams … Continued

November 2020

Who knows best how to assess? How to assess? Perceptions and preferences of undergraduate medical students concerning traditional assessment methods.     What was the study question? What are medical students’ perceptions of and preferences for traditional assessment methods in … Continued

October 2020

Spoiler alert—it gets worse Natural history of burnout, stress and fatigue in a pediatric resident cohort over three years.     Reviewed by Dana Goplerud and Amit Pahwa What was the study question? How do measures of burnout, stress and … Continued

September 2020

Experiencing and engaging in feedback through a longitudinal lens Fostering a Feedback Mindset: A Qualitative Exploration of Medical Students’ Feedback Experiences with Longitudinal Coaches.     What was the study question? For students involved in a longitudinal relationship with a … Continued

July 2020

Student mistreatment Assessment of the Prevalence of Medical Student Mistreatment by Sex, Race/Ethnicity, and Sexual Orientation.     What was the study question?  Does the self-reported prevalence of medical student mistreatment vary based on student sex, race/ethnicity, and sexual orientation? … Continued

June 2020

Mitigating the “Match Frenzy” through individualized advising    The Pediatric Match Frenzy: An Overview and an Approach for Mentoring Medical Students.     What was the problem in question?  Greater competition in the NMRP Match has led to a “Match Frenzy” … Continued

May 2020

Keeping Punxsutawney Phil away from our students Mitigating “Educational Groundhog Day” – The Role of Learner Handoffs Within Clinical Rotations: A Survey of Pediatric Educational Leaders. Fuchs J, King M, Devon EP, Guffey D, Keeley M, Rocha MEM. Academic Pediatrics. … Continued