Abena Knight, MD

I am a Pediatric Hospitalist clinically based at Seattle Children's Hospital and a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

I joined COMSEP in 2015 as a new Course Director for our Pediatric inpatient subinternship and have appreciated the opportunity to learn and grow from so many of its members. As a result of the knowledge and skills that I have gained as a member of our dynamic organization, I have been able to pursue more opportunities in education, from serving as an Associate Clerkship Director and now as the Associate Vice Chair of Education for our Pediatrics department.

I have also had the privilege to give back to COMSEP as a member of the Advising Collaborative, co-leading the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Group, and now serving as the COMSEP representative for the APPD Confronting Racism Action Team. I am excited to apply for the role of Treasurer.

I have experience as a Treasurer for the Seattle National Pan-Hellenic Council and will readily apply that experience to COMSEP. I look forward to having the opportunity to become even more involved with our amazing organization and with you!

Caroline Paul, MD

I believe in COMSEP’s vision and desire to work with its’ leadership to make it an even more impactful organization for its members.  I am happy to run for Treasurer.

My varied COMSEP experiences offers me the practical insight to serve as an efficient Treasurer.  Seeing how the organization works to serve its membership over the last 12 years has helped me learn me about the organization.   Over the past few years, I have served as a Research and Scholarship Collaborative Co-Chair , Co-Chair of the Annual Planning Committee, and a member of the Grant’s committee.  I have learned a lot and hope to maintain my involvement in COMSEP.

For instance, serving as a Collaborative Co-chair for 5 years showed me how COMSEP’s different resources are crucial to growing pediatric leaders in research, education and faculty development.  As a new Grant committee member, I have already seen how the decision of grant allocation can impact faculty development, DEI efforts and “a non- insider ” feeling.  As an Annual Planning Committee’s Co-Chair during the transition of real-life to virtual-life, (2020-2021) I worked with others to pivot a meeting under an umbrella of financial demands. This practical experience showed me how Degnon functions and its relationship with COMSEP.  Most critically, I saw how consideration needs to be given to every single dollar that is allocated for a COMSEP activity.

As Treasurer, I would aim to bring a DEI lens to impact my efforts.  I would want to work with leadership to foster increased awareness of DEI in COMSEP’s overall planning and fund allocation. Secondly, I aim to optimize engagement with Degnon for the benefit of all members.  Finally, I would strive with others to develop and improve upon opportunities to benefit ALL COMSEP members, regardless of membership experience, position and institution.