April 2024

Hello COMSEP! Many of us our now facing the ‘post-conference blues’, that inevitable period in which energy, enthusiasm, and a basketful of new ideas run headlong into the quicksand of our obligations and daily work. Don’t lose that momentum!  Take … Continued

March 2024

Hello COMSEP! Happy almost-spring.  And happy Daylight Savings Time, for those who observe it.   106 years ago today Daylight Savings Time was introduced in the United States, leading to a century or so of confusion for those of us who … Continued

January 2024

Hello COMSEP! Most of our members are in for some—umm—brisk weather this week.   So, as a PSA, we’ve included this useful chart. But even better—stay inside and read the January edition of the Journal Club… Enjoy! Amit, Jon and Karen … Continued

November 2023

Hello COMSEP! Today is Children’s Day in India.  What better day to focus on improving the lives of children through pediatric education? Each of our reviews this week involve a curricular innovation that involves thinking ‘outside the box’.   Hopefully they … Continued

June 2023

Hello COMSEP! Today is the anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which, despite recent controversy surrounding its author, was a world-shattering publishing event and source material for countless educational activities since, both within the confines of … Continued