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COMSEP Grant Submission

I am delighted to inform you that the application system for COMSEP Grant Proposals is open for submission. You can access the system via this link

Proposals are due by Friday, December 1st 2018, by 5:00 pm Pacific time.

We are accepting applications for COMSEP Grants whether or not the principal investigator submitted a letter of intent. This year, we are also piloting an exciting initiative to fund a project that is wider in its scope and that involves collaboration across learner levels, institutions and educational organizations.

Please carefully read the information on the right side of the COMSEP Grant Application System page: 2018 Call for Proposals to Advance Scholarship in COMSEP. Then on the left side of the COMSEP Grant Application System page you will see the items that you are required to fill in or enter. Note that all information after your name and institution must be uploaded in PDF format only. When you have completed and uploaded each item, you will have completed the submission process; once submitted the system will not permit modifications to the Proposal.

This is an exciting opportunity for COMSEP members to advance their educational scholarship with innovative research focused on enhancing the quality and advancing undergraduate pediatric medical education. Should you have any questions about your grant preparation, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Lavjay Butani, MD MACM
Chair, COMSEP Grant Committee

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