The goal of the COMSEP Survey is to facilitate optimization of survey design and collate the distribution of member surveys to promote high quality scholarship in medical student education.

Submitted questions will first be reviewed and constructive feedback offered. Questions accepted for inclusion in the survey will then be pilot tested prior to offering the survey to COMSEP membership. Data collected through the survey will be sent to the question authors for analysis.

Guidelines for Submission:

  1. The number of questions submitted from an individual member/team should be limited to the lowest number needed to appropriately investigate the research question. The maximum number of questions allowed is 15.
  2. The amount of time to complete the questions accurately should be considered. Lengthy or difficult to interpret questions can lead to lower survey completion rates, endangering success with data dissemination.
  3. Topics covered in each survey will be listed annually in the member section of COMSEP website.
  4. Topics will not be repeated on the annual survey unless:
      1. Significantly different questions are asked about the subject
      2. Two years have passed since the topic was included
      3. The questions are reviewed and approved by the executive committee
  5. If there is significant overlap of questions submitted by members/teams, the survey committee will request collaboration and resubmission of questions.

For additional helpful resources/tips/important considerations for creating high yield survey questions, visit: Developing questionnaires for educational research: AMEE Guide


Deadline to submit questions: Friday, January 19, 2024 at 11pm EST

A list of past survey topics can be foundĀ here.

The timeline for 2024 COMSEP Annual Survey:

  • Submissions due: January 19, 2024
  • Members notified: February 2, 2024
  • Revisions due (based on committee review): February 16, 2024
  • Revisions due (based on pilot testing): March 15, 2024
  • Survey opens: April 1, 2024
  • Survey closes: April 30, 2024
  • Data sets to investigators: May 20, 2024