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At the annual meeting of (COMSEP) in March 2006, the Faculty Development Task Force decided to undertake a project to create an annual report of members’ scholarly activities. The timing of publication was chosen to coincide with the joint meeting of AMSPDC and COMSEP in March 2007.

In its implementation, COMSEP Members were asked to think broadly about their work, not only focusing on publications, presentations, grants, etc. that are traditional examples of scholarly activities, but including any and all activities that demonstrate the scholarship of discovery, the scholarship of integration, the scholarship of application, and the scholarship of teaching (Boyer EL, Scholarship Reconsidered, Carnegie Foundation, 1990). ). Members were further asked to include work in any scientific realm and not limit their submissions to the educational field. Thirty nine members voluntarily provided information for the first report, which was presented at the 2007 Annual Meeting and is available on the Members Files on the COMSEP website.

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