Elaine Fielder,Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children's Hospital,Houston,TX; Becky Latch,University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences,,


Emotional Intelligence (EI) can be defined as the ability to perceive, understand, use, and manage emotions.  Students with low EI, specifically interpersonal and communication skills, tend to have difficulty interacting with faculty, colleagues, and ultimately patients.  The ACGME competencies of professionalism and communication fall under the EI umbrella. These skills can be improved through training that specifically addresses these competencies. As medical educators, it is exceptionally important to encourage students and colleagues to increase skills in these areas.  Currently, little information exists about how EI skills are effectively taught.  The clerkship is an ideal setting for students to practice emotional competencies in a safe environment prior to entering residency.  The purpose of this workshop is for participants to gain experience teaching EI skills using an interactive format and develop a plan to implement EI into their curriculum.


At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

1. Discuss the importance of and difficulty teaching EI

2. Identify signs of low EI in the learning environment

3. List EI active learning exercises and discuss efficacy in specific situations

4. Develop a plan to incorporate EI active learning exercises into the curriculum

Methods and Content:

This workshop will utilize various interactive modalities including small group activities, role play, team building, and peer feedback.

After a brief reflection exercise, participants will form small groups and review example cases of low EI and discuss methods of remediation. Using assignments from "The Emotional Intelligence Activity Kit," participants will actively participate in and give feedback on each exercise. Participants will have the opportunity to lead an activity or be a "student' and share in the feedback process.  Finally, participants will develop a plan on how to incorporate EI activities into their current curriculum or work setting.


5min: Reflection exercise

10min: Introductions/background to EI, low EI "types"

20min: EI learning activity #1 - students

10min: share out

20min: EI learning activity #2 - colleagues

10min: share out

10min: Implementing EI training into your setting

15min: Assignment 3 - integrating EI into their setting. This may be with only students who have been identified as having low EI, with all students, or with certain faculty or team-members. Identify resources, including when, where, and who would best facilitate the learning session

10min: share out

10min: Q&A