Donnita Pelser,Kansas Univ. School of Med- Wichita,Wichita,KS; Marlo Eakes Meyer,University of Virginia School of Medicine,,


Clerkship Administrators play an important role in their clerkship's success in meeting the Liaison Committee on Medical Education's (LCME) Standards for Accreditation.  Many Clerkship Administrators have limited knowledge on who the LCME is and why it is important to meet the LCME Standards.  Additionally,  preparations for an LCME site visit can be overwhelming and stressful. 

  1. Identify who the LCME is
  2. Understand what the twelve LCME Standards for Accreditation are
  3. Illustrate what a basic LCME site visit is
  4. Identify how most of the LCME Standards directly correlate with the Clerkship Administrators responsibilities
  5. Identify and reinforce concepts presented with a short quiz


Methods and Content:

Workshop participants will engage in interactive large and small group activities.  There will be a fun quiz at the beginning to determine what the participants knowledge is about the LCME.  Small groups will be given scenarios that relate to an LCME standard to work on and reinforce concepts discussed.  At the end of the workshop, participants will be given a quiz to complete that highlights key points and topics discussed.  This will be a valuable tool for participants to take home and refer to.