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COMSEP 2018 Annual Meeting

April 11-14
Grand Hyatt Denver
Denver, CO

Climbing Every Mountain: Reflective Practices and Storytelling Across the Continuum

DEADLINE FOR RESUBMISSIONS: January 15th, 2018 at 11:59pm PST

Should you encounter any problems during your submission, please contact

April 11-14, 2018
Denver, CO

COMSEP is soliciting conference and pre-conference workshop submissions for its 2018 annual meeting. We strongly encourage authors to include newer COMSEP members on their team in order to promote the professional development of our organization.

Pre-conference: The meeting will offer a choice of four 4-hour pre-conference workshop sessions, and two 8-hour workshops on Wednesday, April 11, 2018. The topics for the 8-hour workshops have been pre-assigned: orientation for new clerkship directors and leadership development. One of the 4-hour pre-conference workshops will preferentially be reserved for a Clerkship Administrators Workshop, in an effort to provide programming to meet the needs of this group of COMSEP participants. The host city committee can also submit a preconference workshop and will get preferential reservation if the host city wishes to submit. The other two to three pre-conference workshop slots are available for submissions from individual COMSEP members or task forces; final selection will be via a blinded, peer-review process, to best meet the needs of faculty participants.

Conference: During the regular meeting, there will be three, 120-minute workshop sessions; each session will offer nine workshop options (total = 27 workshops). COMSEP encourages submissions by clerkship administrators and aims to provide one workshop per time slot that is designed to meet the professional development needs of clerkship administrators. Other workshop slots are available for workshops developed by COMSEP members or task forces that best meet the need of faculty participants. We encourage members to consider developing and submitting a proposal, which will be subject to our peer review process.

COMSEP aims to provide a variety of workshop topics that meet the professional development needs of our members, and thus tries to distribute workshop topics across three broad categories: meeting theme, foundational topics and "hot" topics. Past workshop topics may be reviewed in the COMSEP Workshop Roadmap document found at (

Workshop review and selection will be conducted through a blinded peer review process; the selection committee consists of representatives from the host committee, the Faculty Development Task Force and the Executive Committee. Preference will be given to workshops whose topic and instructional methods best meet the faculty development needs of current COMSEP members. Multi institutional workshops and those including junior COMSEP members are highly encouraged. At the time of submission, presenters will be asked to map their workshop to one of the three categories (noted above).

If you would like to submit a workshop for presentation at the COMSEP meeting, please login and complete the requested fields. Select the category that best describes your workshop topic, and describe the knowledge/skill gap your workshop seeks to close. The brief abstract of the proposed workshop is critical for meeting planning; the abstract should be no more than 400 words and include the following information:

  • Rationale for the problem or challenge the workshop will examine, or a rationale for the training the workshop will offer
  • Learning objectives for the workshop
  • Summary of the workshop's methods and content, with particular attention to engaging participants in active learning and skill-building
  • Meeting attendees use abstracts to decide which workshops to attend; abstracts should clearly identify why the session would be useful to a potential participant.
  • A timeline for delivering the content MUST BE INCLUDED
  • Any audio-visual equipment requests beyond LCD projector, screen, and flipchart.

All accepted workshop abstracts will be available online. As you plan your submission, we encourage you to consider whether this workshop may be appropriate for publication on MedEd Portal (or in another forum) in the future. Planning now may aid in further future dissemination of your work. Presenters are encouraged to review the MedEd Portal submission criteria at: Click here for example of previous COMSEP workshop that was accepted to MedEd Portal.

Given budget constraints, laptop computers and internet access may not be provided for workshop presentations. Presenters are welcome to bring their own equipment. Often printed handouts can be used for the audiovisual needs for the session. If Web access is required, contact Christy Levine ( in advance of submission in order to determine the feasibility and additional costs.

To comply with CME guidelines, ALL presenters must submit a speaker disclosure form upon notification that the workshop was selected.

The deadline for workshop submissions is October 24, 2017 those submitting workshop proposals will be notified in mid-December. Organization of the final workshop schedule will be determined to avoid conflicts for the primary presenter; COMSEP is unable to preclude scheduling conflicts for all presenters. Please be mindful of this fact if submitting multiple workshop proposals.

Please feel free to contact one of the Faculty Development Task Force leaders ( Corki Lehmann, Wilbur Pan or Amy Creel) if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your willingness to share your expertise and we look forward to your many excellent workshop proposals for a great meeting in 2018!!