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Frequency and negative impact of medical student mistreatment based on specialty choice: A longitudinal study. Oser TK et al.  Academic Medicine 2014;89:755-761.
Reviewed by Ginny Randall

What was the study question?
Using a health services research framework consisting of structure, process, and outcome criteria, can an academic medical center (AMC) evaluate the performance and impact of its community engagement activities?

How was the study done?
Three community engagement goals were developed for the affiliated AMC, the University of Rochester School of Medicine, including demonstration of local community impact (improving health), AMC impact (increasing capacity for community engagement, adding value to the community and promoting trust), and national and global impact (knowledge and practice translation).  Community engagement activities are classified within the context of these goals.  Outcomes include both traditional health metrics and education outcomes for learners and patients or target audiences.

What were the results?
This study has broad-ranging results.  Undergraduate and postgraduate education is an activity included in the AMC impact goal.  Structure includes courses in prevention and population health, advocacy, ethics, and completion of community volunteer work.  Process is measured by student engagement, mentoring and course requirements.  Outcomes include numbers of students involved in each type of activity, impact on students on ongoing community health improvement efforts, and mapping career trajectories of graduates.

What are the implications?
AMCs can adapt this framework using their own identified goals and activities to both identify gaps and focus community engagement activities.  Educators are provided with a means of organizing and evaluating experiential learning and advocacy opportunities for learners.  Perhaps naïve, I was somewhat disappointed that the stated limitations included concern over measuring return on AMC investment in such collaborative endeavors.  The framework provides enough of an internal evaluation!

Editor’s note: Would that all AMCs engaged in this sort of process! (RR)


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