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COMSEP Meeting in Ottawa, ON

Poster Presentation:

Comparing Pre and Post Confidence Scores in Pediatric Clinical Skills Following Standardized Skill Stations in MED 2

Marianne M. McKenna,Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick,Saint John,New Brunswick

Background:The curriculum at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick (DMNB) does not have a Pediatric Unit resulting in interspersed teaching, including 6 clinical skills sessions completed over their second year of training. In an attempt to consolidate their knowledge, a skill station ½ day was created at the end of MED 2 to ensure specific Pediatric objectives were adequately covered and each student could practice the specified skill. Skills that were difficult to obtain in the previous clinical skill sessions included obtaining vital signs, Tanner staging, and development milestone assessment (all were skill stations). No past studies were found to guide this project.

Objectives:1. Ensure pre clerkship students are given opportunity to assess 6 specific skills; including ENT assessment, vital sign collection, development milestones, Tanner staging, newborn examination, and social history. 2. Assess confidence scores before the skill station ½ day and after.

Results:A paired t test was conducted to compare pre skill station and post station responses to history based stations and physical exam stations. Pre confidence scores on history stations revealed M = 17.99, SD = 3.407 and post scores were M = 20.00, SD = 4.513; t (28) = 2.877, p = 0.0076. Pre confidence scores on physical exam stations revealed M = 21.37, SD 6.426 and post scores were M = 49.62, SD = 7.233; t (28) = 26.35, p = <0.0001. The physical exam skill stations passed Shapiro Wilk normality testing.Discussion: There was a significant change in physical exam stations confidence scores pre and post skill station ½ day, showing that condensed skill station ½ days were able to increase a preclerkship students confidence in performing a specific pediatric skill.