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COMSEP Meeting in Ottawa, ON

Poster Presentation:

Do You Have Your Boots On? Analysis of a Pediatric Intensification Program to Prepare Fourth Year Students for Pediatric Residency

Amanda G. Hartke,University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville,Greenville,SC,April O. Buchanan,University of South Carolina School of Medicine,Greenville,SC


Residency program directors desire medical students ready for internship.  To bridge potential gaps (1) and ensure student preparedness, bootcamps have emerged in the M4 year and with them, questions arise regarding appropriate content, length, resources, and evaluation (2). 


1) Identify curricular gaps in management and knowledge among students entering bootcamp

2) Assess improvements in confidence regarding management and knowledge

3) Evaluate improvement specific to high resource sessions




See attached table for results.  Mean pre-bootcamp ratings in 16/39 topics fell below "some comfort managing independently/knowledge of general concepts."  Pre/post means across all topics improved. Significant improvements were noted in 22/22 management and 15/17 knowledge topics.  All 9 students demonstrated significantly increased overall ratings of knowledge/comfort pre/post.


Bootcamps offer a time to assess and improve graduating student knowledge and skills. Specific gaps identified pre-bootcamp serve to direct pediatric curricular revisions.  Our bootcamp demonstrated significant improvement in self-reported knowledge and comfort across all topics and for all students , independent of their pre-bootcamp level.

Sessions requiring higher student involvement correlated with improvements in knowledge topics. Sessions requiring higher faculty and equipment resources were not associated with greater improvements. These findings may assist others designing bootcamps with institutional financial and time constraints.

Limitations include small group size, single year/institution experience, and reliance on self-report. Small size was accounted for using non-parametric statistics which demonstrated significant improvements. Despite these limitations, our results may be generalizable to other sites in looking at resource utilization.