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COMSEP Meeting in Ottawa, ON

Poster Presentation:

SEA CHange: Childhood Module in a Transformative Curriculum

Judith L. Rowen,University of Texas Medical Branch,Galveston,Texas (USA),Marie Dawlett,University of Texas Medical Branch,Galveston,TX,Virginia Niebuhr,University of Texas Medical Branch,Galveston,TX,Judith Aronson,University of Texas Medical Branch,Galveston,TX,Victor Reyes,University of Texas Medical Branch,Galveston,TX


The University of Texas System launched the Transformation in Medical Education (TIME) program to create new approaches to medical education. Our medical campus, the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), was paired with three undergraduate campuses to craft an educational pathway to the MD degree that is shorter and smarter. SEA CHange, Student-centered Education for Achieving Competencies in Healthcare is the medical curriculum offered to our TIME students upon transition to UTMB.


Our goal is to create a curriculum that is competency-based, integrates foundational and clinical sciences, and helps students achieve the core EPAs for entering residency. 


Our first cohort of 8 students is experiencing the Cycle 1 Childhood module October-December 2016. Student performance data and evaluations will be available at the time of the COMSEP meeting.


Strengths of the program include the true integration of foundational and clinical sciences, early immersion in clinical activity, and the variety of assessment methods. Just as clerkships run simultaneously, the SEA CHange modules will run concurrently to address capacity issues. We plan to scale up progressively. Other medical schools may find our entire module or segments of the module useful for their students.