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COMSEP Meeting in Ottawa, ON

Poster Presentation:

Training in the Sandbox: Longitudinal Education With a Predominantly Pediatric Population

Katherine E. Murray,University of Minnesota Medical School,Minneapolis,MN,Patricia . Hobday,University of Minnesota Medical School,Minneapolis,MN,Emily . Borman-Shoap,University of Minnesota Medical School,Minneapolis,MN,Michael . Cullen,University of Minnesota Medical School,Minneapolis,MN,Robert Englander,University of Minnesota Medical School,Minneapolis,MN,John Andrews,University of Minnesota Medical School,Minneapolis,MN


Education in Pediatrics Across the Continuum (EPAC) was conceived as a national demonstration of competency-based advancement, supported by longitudinal clinical experiences and seamless transition from undergraduate to graduate medical education in pediatrics. To meet the aims of the project, needed a longitudinal educational experience tailored to meet the needs of future pediatricians.


We developed the first-ever longitudinal integrated clerkship (LIC) with a pediatric focus.


The students had substantial patient contact with an average of 559 (501-698; SD=93.3) encounters by the ninth month of the clerkship, of which 68% (62%-72%; SD=3.1) were 18 and under. On average, 16% (11%-19%; SD=3.8) of these encounters were with a patient the student had seen before. The students had completed 82% (68%-96%; SD=12) of the school’s clinical curricular requirements by the ninth month of the LIC. As early as the fourth month, they had 84% (59%-93%; SD=17) completion of the school’s required diagnoses and 63% (59%-71%; SD=5.6) completion of the required procedures.


We demonstrated a pediatric-focused LIC was able to provide a substantive and comprehensive clinical experience to students who self-identified as future pediatricians.