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COMSEP Meeting in Ottawa, ON

Poster Presentation:

Podcasts- An Innovative Way to Provide Faculty Development to Community Based Preceptors

Randi Sperling,Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine,Hollywood,FL,Joanna . Drowos MD,Charles. E Schmidt College of Medicine,Boca Raton,Florida,Sarah . Wood MD,Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine,Boca Raton,Florida


Community based faculty are playing an increasingly important role in medical student education, particularly in Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships (LICs).  Clerkship directors are challenged to provide faculty development in a convenient, timely, engaging, and effective way to community based faculty who are often geographically remote from the medical school, have diverse training needs, and face increasing pressure to be clinically productive. 


Faculty development programs have included the use of seminars, web modules, as well as CD-ROMs and audio devices.  Using podcasts that physicians can access via text on their mobile phones while commuting to work might be an innovative way to provide faculty development.  Our goal was to determine the feasibility of creating and delivering brief podcasts, as well as determining the satisfaction and engagement of community based faculty after using this method to provide helpful teaching tips. 


Over 80% of participants listened to three or more podcasts and 70% were likely or highly likely to listen to future podcasts. 70% perceived that podcasts caused changes or rethinking their teaching style.


Although the results were limited by a small sample size in survey participation, a follow up phone interview to the pediatricians involved in this study might be planned for the future. This would help determine strengths and weaknesses of using the podcasts, which might be able to guide future faculty development efforts.