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COMSEP Meeting in Ottawa, ON

Poster Presentation:

Meeting Milestones: Developing a School Wide Boot Camp

Kyra A. Len,,Honolulu,HI,Sheldon . Riklon,,Mililani,HI,Stephanie T. Nishimura,,Honolulu,HI


Medical students are expected to possess a wide array of skills and attitudes when they enter residency training programs.  The literature shows that a “boot camp” curriculum of intensive procedural and skills training is beneficial for medical students.  To our knowledge there hasn’t been a study with a boot camp curriculum that focuses on specialty milestones for residency preparation using a multidisciplinary approach.  

          The primary objective was to determine if a boot camp increased student self confidence in milestone related skills.



We created a school-wide 2-day “boot camp” for 4th year medical students to help students be level 1 milestone ready for their matched specialty.  For overlapping milestones or skills, we pooled resources to create workshops for students in different specialties.  For example, an infant lumbar puncture workshop was taken by students entering pediatrics and emergency medicine residency.  All students participated in the transitions of care session because it’s a milestone common to all specialties.  For pediatrics, topics included triaging sick patients, infant lumbar puncture workshop and communication scenarios.  Students were given an anonymous survey pre boot camp, immediately post-boot camp and 3 months after starting residency.  The survey was a 5 point likert scale with 5 being “complete confidence” and 1 was “no confidence”.  Because of limited data points for each specialty, only data for common statements were analyzed. Data were analyzed using a one-way repeated measures ANOVA.



Fifty five students completed the pre and immediate post-surveys.  A total of 24 students provided data at all 3 points in time (e.g., pre, post1, and post2).  Students improved in their confidence level for the survey items “feeling prepared to function as an intern”, “transferring care of patients effectively”, “consenting a patient”, and “determining decision making capacity” with the means increasing significantly (p at least < .05) from pre and post1, and from pre to post2. There was no significant difference between post1 and post2. 



A milestone driven boot camp improved students’ confidence levels in certain milestones such as transition of care and consenting a patient.  Students felt that the effects of the boot camp enhanced their self-confidence immediately after the boot camp and 3 months after starting their residency.