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COMSEP 2010 Albuquerque Meeting


Scarlett McKinsey MD; Blair Hammond MD, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, NY

Objective(s): To create a pediatric resident elective that improves: 1. Resident teaching skills essential for academic medical educators. 2. The educational environment for housestaff and students through bedside teaching rounds and evidence based medicine discussions. 3. Medical student education by direct observation and individual feedback. Description of Educational Project: The MSSM Pediatric Department has implemented a four week elective in which senior residents develop critical teaching skills and enhance the educational environment for the housestaff, students, and faculty. With faculty oversight, the residents lead medical student bedside teaching rounds and case preceptor sessions. Residents search the literature for evidence to clinical questions that arise, and email the information to the department. Weekly emails are disseminated with pictures of interesting physical findings and teaching pearls to the housestaff. Residents learn how to give effective feedback by observing and participating in feedback sessions with medical students and housestaff. Teaching residents are observed by faculty leading small group discussions and are given specific feedback about their teaching skills. Evaluation: 25 pediatric residents and 9 medical students completed evaluations. 8/9 medical students agreed or strongly agreed (mean = 4.44) that the observed History and Physical done with the teaching resident enhanced their education during the pediatric clerkship. 8/9 medical students agreed or strongly agreed that the orientation to the pediatric floors provided by the teaching resident enhanced their education during the pediatric clerkship. 24/25 pediatric residents agreed or strongly agreed (mean 4.9) that Picture of The Week (POW) is an educational tool that enhances the learning environment of the Department of Pediatrics. 20/22 (three responders answered N/A) pediatric residents agreed or strongly agreed that the availability of an additional resident for teaching on the pediatric floors was beneficial for both the medical students and the team of residents. Discussion: Feedback of the elective has been overwhelmingly positive. Housestaff have commented on the enriched learning atmosphere in the Pediatric Department. In particular, the residents appreciate the Picture of the Week and the evidenced based answers to questions that arise in the clinical setting Improved patient care was an unexpected benefit of the elective as reported by several responders. Medical students have specifically noted the benefit of focused attention and feedback they receive from the teaching resident.