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COMSEP 2010 Albuquerque Meeting


Mitzi S. Scotten, MD, Pediatrics, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS

Background; Medical students have been trained using formal didactic lectures for generations. Beginning in 2009, all student lectures in the Pediatric clerkship were changed from the standard live lecture format to a recorded Podcast format. Medical students in the class of 2010 are familiar with this method of information dissemination as it has been used since 2004 in the pre-clinical years. Podcasts have not been introduced into the latter two years of training at our institution until this year. Objective; To determine both student and faculty satisfaction after instituting Podcast lectures in the Pediatric clinical rotation. Methods; A questionnaire was developed to be given to all students completing the Pediatric rotation. The questionnaire consists of eight questions using a 5 point Likert scale and also includes two open ended response categories.  A similar survey has been given to all faculty members who participate in the lecture series. Results; As of October 2009, four of the eight clerkships have completed the questionnaire. Early data has been obtained from 61 of the 150 students expected to complete the course during the 2009/10 school year. Over 70% of students polled, to date, prefer the Podcast format. Eighty percent of students agree or strongly agree that Podcast lectures allow them more time to see patients in the clinical setting. Students relate that Podcasts allow them time to view lectures more than once and improve their ability to take notes. Faculty feedback on the podcasting is similar with the majority of the faculty surveyed thus far preferring the podcast over live lectures. Several faculty members, however, have been very opposed to this form of training and state that they miss formal interactions with the student population. Conclusions; As the use of telecommunication and computer driven education increases in medical education, it is important to assess whether students feel this is a meaningful replacement for the standard lecture format.