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COMSEP 2009 Baltimore Meeting with APPD

Poster Presentation:


Linda O. Lewin, MD, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD

BACKGROUND: There are very few published tools for assessing medical students’ oral case presentation skills, yet these skills are critical to physicians throughout their careers. Further, successful oral presentations not only deliver the facts of a case, but rely on the presenter’s clinical reasoning skills to organize those facts in a way that leads the listener to the proposed differential diagnosis and treatment plan. The purpose of this project in progress is to develop a practical tool that combines assessment of the content of medical students’ oral patient presentations with evaluation of the clinical reasoning skills used to create those presentations. METHODS: A literature search was conducted to identify all items that have been used to assess oral case presentations by other authors. These items were reviewed by two focus groups of medical student educators across clinical disciplines at the University of Maryland School of Medicine to identify 10-12 items from previous tools and new items suggested by the participants to include in a new assessment tool. Next, the tool will be tested for its ease of use by applying it to recordings of oral presentations made by faculty members for this purpose. Modifications will be made and the tool will then be used to assess recorded patient presentations of a subset of third year medical students on their pediatrics and internal medicine clerkships. Assessors will be experienced teachers who will be trained to use the new tool. Analysis will be done to determine the inter-rater reliability and construct validity of the tool as well as its practical utility. RESULTS: By the time of the meeting the inter-rater reliability of the instrument will be evaluated, and ratings of students’ presentations using the new tool will be compared with other presentation skills assessments to assess tool validity. CONCLUSIONS: A new tool to assess medical student oral case presentation skills is being developed and will add to the current tools to address this important physician competency.