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The Use of CLIPP Cases and their Effectiveness in the Pediatric Clerkship

Michael Tansey, Rick Axleson, Clare Kreiter and Jerold Woodhead
University of Iowa

Objective: We tested the effectiveness of the Computer-assisted Learning In Pediatrics Project (CLIPP) during the Pediatric Clerkship for third year medical students. CLIPP is a web-based program that covers the General Pediatric Clerkship Curriculum objectives through interactive, on-line clinical cases.
Methods: At the beginning of each clerkship rotation, we assessed baseline knowledge with a pre-test consisting of 31 questions selected from the CLIPP examination databank and based on 6 CLIPP cases. We then asked students to complete at least six CLIPP cases during the clerkship, although we did not specify the cases. We monitored each student’s use of CLIPP, noting the specific cases covered, the time spent on each case, and whether each case was completed or partially done. At the end of the clerkship, each student took a final exam that included questions covering the same 6 CLIPP cases. We hypothesized that student use of CLIPP would be positively correlated with a gain in score when comparing pre-test to final exam results.
Results: To date we have collected data on 123 students. The mean score on the pretest was 55% (SD=28%) Overall, students spent an average of 734 minutes during the 6 week clerkship on the CLIPP cases (SD = 600). We then recorded how a student performed on the final exam at the end of their clerkship, and designed the study so that we could compare pre-test questions to post test questions to examine any gain in knowledge and determine of usage of CLIPP is a positive variable. In seven of the nine CLIPP cases analyzed there was a trend toward the students performing better on post-test questions.