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COMSEP 2007 San Antonio Meeting

Poster Presentation:

Urgent Care Teaching Model


 Kirsten E. Evans MD PhD University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas

Objective: To better train students and residents in the university urgent care setting with respect to communication and physical diagnosis skills using direct observation of and by faculty members. To create a more Socratic and less threatening, collegial atmosphere of learning. To share the skills and experience acquired by preceptors among students and residents.

Methods: Create trios of preceptor, student and resident. The preceptor conducts the first history and physical with the student and resident observing. The trio then discusses key points in the history and physical, develops a diagnosis, and devises a plan. This is repeated on the next two patients, with the resident leading the interview and physical on the second patient, and the student leading the third. Effectiveness currently based on evaluations by students and residents; plan to begin comparative trials and video-taping in the next year.

Results: Currently being gathered and quantified. Tremendous positive feedback on faculty evaluations by students and residents, but data only gathered for six months via questionnaire.

Conclusions: Too early to tell.