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COMSEP 2007 San Antonio Meeting

Poster Presentation:

A Mock Code Curriculum to Prepare Senior Medical Students for Pediatric Internship

Lisa E. Leggio, MD; Renuka Mehta, MBBS; Lyle E. Fisher, MD Medical College of Georgia, Augusta, Georgia

 Objective: To determine whether a Mock Code (MC) Curriculum for senior medical students (SMS) going into pediatrics improves skills and confidence in the resuscitation of critically ill children.

Methods: From 2005 to 2006, SMS at the Medical College of Georgia applying for pediatric internships were invited to participate in a MC Study. Skills and confidence in pediatric resuscitation were assessed with a pre- and post- curriculum MC and questionnaire. The curriculum was three lectures on pediatric resuscitation with post-tests after each and two clinical skills sessions to practice respiratory and cardiac resuscitation skills. Those who completed the study were asked to evaluate the curriculum.

Results: Thirty-five students completed the study. Performance improved between the two MC scenarios as analyzed by Wilcoxon Test (p<0.005). Significant improvements were made in initial assessment and management of ABCs, BVM ventilation and chest compressions. Deficiencies remained in assembly and use of equipment and repeated assessment. Self-reported confidence level improved significantly (p<0.001). All students reported hands-on skills were extremely helpful. Students reported the curriculum was effective and helpful for preparing them for internship and should be implemented in the future.

Conclusion: Participating in a pediatric MC Curriculum increased skill and confidence in resuscitating critically ill children. Adding a MC Curriculum for senior students going into pediatrics may ease their transition into internship.