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COMSEP 2005 North Carolina Meeting

Poster Presentation:

Teaching Anticipatory Guidance across Multiple Sites with Web-Based Content and Asynchronous Discussion


 Janice Hanson; Michael Pelzner; W. Scott Jones; Christine Johnson; Virginia Randall; Jeffrey Longacre. Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD 

 Background: Clerkships with geographically separated sites need processes for delivering standardized content. Online frameworks, web sites, and computerized cases offer resources for delivery of curricular material and opportunity for discussion among sites.

Objectives: 1. To develop an online learning module for clerkship students in different time zones. 2. To provide a forum for students at different sites to participate in asynchronous discussion on coordinated topics. 3. To integrate a CLIPP case into the pediatric clerkship. 4. To develop strategies to deliver standardized content from the COMSEP curriculum.

Methods: Faculty selected a priority topic from the COMSEP Evaluation Task Force list of core competencies for pediatric clerkships. Combining technology for distance learning (Blackboard Learning SystemTM,, web site resources (Bright Futures, and a CLIPP case (, the faculty developed a learning module to address anticipatory guidance.

Results: The module explains a strategy for delivering anticipatory guidance, key topics for toddlers and preschoolers, and tips for building rapport. After reading the presentation, exploring Bright Futures resources, and completing a CLIPP case, students post comments and questions in a Blackboard forum available 24 hours/day online. A faculty preceptor posts initial questions, monitors and contributes to the online discussion, and answers students' queries at least daily for a designated period. Assessment by faculty with an observation checklist will follow.

Conclusions: An online learning module with asynchronous discussion facilitated by a faculty preceptor provides one way to deliver standardized content across geographically distant clerkship sites.