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COMSEP 2005 North Carolina Meeting

Poster Presentation:

Innovations in responsive virtual human (RVH) technology for pediatric training - A status update and chance to participate!


 Robin Deterding1, MD; Cheri Milliron1; & Robert Hubal2, PhD. 1University of Colorado and 2RTI international.

 Objectives: Experiential learning theory supports the potential value of RVH technology in training, especially in the field of pediatrics with limited practice and assessment opportunities. Our goals have been to develop interactive training sessions using virtual pediatric characters and to explore user attitudes, fidelity requirements, educational issues, and expert verses novice differences.

Methods: We are working with RTI International to develop responsive virtual pediatric characters. RVHs react to a learner's verbal strategies with defined cognitive, psychomotor, and verbal responses. Prototypes of interactive pediatric scenarios have been created and refined with input from educators, patients, expert pediatricians and beginning medical students. Language development for each scenario has been the most challenging. For example, there are over a 270 possible responses for an adolescent scenario mapped to over 120 different types of social history questions.

BE PART OF THE STUDY: Two scenarios (obtaining an ear exam in a 4 year old and obtaining a high-risk behavior history from a teenager) are now ready for more advanced formative evaluation. Individuals with expert and novice pediatric clinical skills will be enrolled. Data capture will include demographic data and user's opinion about validity, performance characteristics and responses, and current beliefs about the utility of RVHT technology for training. WE NEED YOUR HELP AT THE CONFERENCE to participate in the study.

Conclusion: Participant responses to basic RVHT prototypes in the past have been encouraging. Ongoing improvements in scenario development have occurred and further study is required. We would love your help!