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COMSEP 2005 North Carolina Meeting

Poster Presentation:

Teaching Clinical Clerks Multi-media Presentation Skills


 Kim Blake; Mohsin Rashid; Alexa Smith; Kira Rich. Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

 Introduction: Learning multi-media (POWERPoint) presentation is important for physicians. These skills are generally not taught as part of the core curriculum in medical schools. We have implemented a formal POWERPoint presentation from 3rd year clinical clerks to their peers.

Objective: We will report on three-year experience with teaching clerks the art of multi-media presentation and to examine what works and what does not. Guidelines and material that we supply the students regarding appropriate use of POWERPoint will also be shared.

Methods: All clerks were required to do a case-based 10-15 minute presentation on a clinical problem based on third year objectives, that they had encountered during their paediatric rotation. Instructions regarding the use of POWERPoint were provided. A basic science component and a multiple-choice question slide relevant to the case were mandatory. The presentations are given in front of the clerkship group that was finishing their rotation. A faculty member evaluated the presentations.

Results: 219 clerks have participated. Qualitative and quantitative results will be provided. A selection of the outstanding presentations have been uploaded on the Dalhousie University's web site for general viewing by medical students. Students have provided feedback that helped modify the learning.

Conclusions: It is feasible to teach POWERPoint skills to clerks. Clerkship directors may want to incorporate the teaching of presentation skills in their training program and include some of the material that we have developed in their curriculum.