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COMSEP 2005 North Carolina Meeting

Poster Presentation:

LCME Question ED-2: Quantified Criteria for Clerkship Objectives - UC Davis' Approach


 Su-Ting Li, MD MPH. UC Davis, Sacramento, CA

 Background: The LCME's question ED-2 requires clerkships to quantify, monitor and verify the types of patients, level of student responsibility, and clinical setting required by students to achieve the learning competencies of the clerkship.

Objective: To develop tools to document the attainment of pediatric competencies.

Methods: We use a 3-prong approach to meet LCME's quantified criteria for clerkship objectives: (1) a Pediatric Competency checklist, (2) a web-based Pediatric Clinical Experiences Log and (3) pediatric and newborn history and physical examination (H&P) checklists. The Pediatric Competency checklist identifies key pediatric competencies based on the COMSEP curriculum, specifies the clinical setting where the competency may be attained, specifies the level of student responsibility, and asks faculty or residents to document when a student has attained the competency. The emphasis is on the ability to evaluate a patient with a particular presenting complaint (such as a patient with cough/wheeze); specific diagnoses (such as bronchiolitis or asthma) are NOT specified. If students do not encounter a patient with the particular presenting complaint, CLIPP cases may be substituted if the student records the number and title of the corresponding case and includes their diagnostic matrix.

Results: This program was well received by our Dean of Medical Education, the other 3rd year clerkship directors at UC Davis, and the pediatric student education committee and is currently being implemented.

Conclusions: This approach could be modified to fit the objectives of clerkships at other institutions to address LCME's question ED-2.