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COMSEP 2005 North Carolina Meeting

Poster Presentation:

Procedure Fair Experience


 Angelilli, M.L., Friday, Y.M., Shy, R., Wayne State University School of Medicine, Carman and Anne Adams Department of Pediatrics. Detroit, MI.

 Objective: To teach students early in the clerkship that children are different by exposing them to multiple pediatric procedures at the beginning of their 2 month clerkship. One goal was also to allow the students to interact with ancillary health personnel to learn the value of non-physician teachers in their education.

Methods: On the 2nd day of the pediatric clerkship, multiple stations are set up with faculty/fellows/nurses/respiratory therapists as preceptors using models or medical equipment to aid in the demonstrations. Each of 8 stations is 10min long with 5-7 students per station. Hands on demonstrations are presented with a variable amount of opportunity for the student to try the procedure. Procedures demonstrated include: Pelvic examination, testicular self-examination, infant hip exam, phlebotomy, breast pump/nutrition, asthma devices, bag and mask, injections, glucometer. The entire fair is completed in 1½ hours.

Results: Each student directly observed and/or tried these particular procedures prior to attempting them during the pediatric rotation either inpatient or outpatient. Anecdotal feedback was enthusiastically and uniformly positive.

Conclusion: A Procedure Fair is a low pressure, fun experience for medical students and the teaching staff prior to direct contact with pediatric patients. The students are exposed to the concept of team patient-centered care. The staff developed a positive attitude toward each new group of students.