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COMSEP 2004 Florida Meeting

Poster Presentation:

Dissemination of a Validated Objective Structured Clinical Examination Station Assessing Evidence-Based Medicine Skills: Initial Progress


 Jonathan E Fliegel, John G Frohna, Larry D Gruppen, Rajesh S Mangrulkar, University of Michigan

 Objectives: Skills in Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) are among the competencies for students and residents identified by the AAMC and ACGME. There are few published tools that assess competence in EBM skills. We previously demonstrated the feasibility and validity of a computer-based objective structured clinical exam (OSCE) station in assessing the skills of large numbers of students and residents and in evaluating changes in our student curriculum at our institution. We now seek to disseminate our tool to other institutions and to further assess its validity.

Methods: As part of a Collaborative Grant from the Central Group on Educational Affairs (CGEA), we formed a working group with educators at four other institutions. We collected qualitative demographic data using an on-line EBM Curriculum Survey. Our collaborators have accessed our web-based validated cases and can begin to use them to assess learner's competence. The group will develop new cases using case development guidelines.
Results: EBM Curriculum Survey Even among only five schools, there is a range in the amount and type of EBM curricula for students and residents. The survey was easy to use and also identified numerous innovative ideas.
Case Development Our group has expanded the number of usable EBM cases, each with scoring algorithms.
Use of technology Computer technology has both facilitated and impeded the use and dissemination of our tool.
Conclusions: Our EBM Curriculum Survey could easily be implemented widely and become a clearinghouse of innovative ideas. The completion of this collaborative project should allow us to further test the feasibility, portability and validity of our EBM OSCE station.