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COMSEP 2004 Florida Meeting

Poster Presentation:



 Harold Bland M.D.

 INTRODUCTION: The Millenium Report suggests that medical educators should emphasize and provide more outpatient care experiences for medical students since the vast majority of patient care is delivered in the outpatient setting, but most teaching is in a tertiary care setting. Florida State University College of Medicine (FSUCOM) is a new school, and the initial class is now on their third-year core rotations. Students choose one of three regional campus sites where the core rotations are delivered. The Pediatric Rotation is described. 

PROGRAM FORMAT: Each student is assigned a primary, General Pediatrician who has a diverse patient population in terms of disease entities, race/ethnicity, and age. Because of the emphasis on outpatient education, the student spends 4-5 weeks with this same physician, working in his/her office, accompanying him/her on hospital and newborn nursery rounds, and attending selected conferences together. The final 1-2 weeks (depending on campus location) is spent on the Inpatient service. Each faculty member has been carefully selected by the Regional Campus Pediatric Clerkship Director, and must have completed a minimum of 10 hours of faculty development courses prior to receiving a student. The Pediatric Clerkship Director monitors the performance of the faculty member, and also interacts weekly with the student. Curriculum is standardized by common assigned readings, common computer MedCases, and the use of a single Pediatric Syllabus. Student-patient encounters are tracked by electronic logs that the student is required to maintain. The overall student performances at the combined campus sites is closely monitored by the system-wide Pediatric Education Director based at FSUCOM in Tallahassee.
EARLY RESULTS: To date, students have performed above the national average on the NBME Pediatric shelf exam and all of the students have ranked their clerkship experience highly. Patient encounter data reveals that students are receiving comparable patient experiences across regional campus sites.