Objectives: Thursday, Pre-Conference Workshop 5-Clerkship Administrators Workshop

Methods and Content: WORKSHOP 1: CHARTING A COURSE Understanding the dichotomy of the institutional culture with your personal mission and values is a key factor in being able to successfully achieve personal and organizational goals. At the conclusion of this workshop you will: 1. Articulate your personal mission; 2. Correlate your passions with your mission; 3. Understand the relationship of your personal mission, vision and values. WORKSHOP 2: EXPANDING THE REALM: UNDERSTANDING YOUR ROLE THROUGH LEADERSHIP AND EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Curriculum administrators bring skills from a wide spectrum of specialties and experiences. Understanding how these strengths contribute to expertise enhances your work. Using one’s particular strengths to build and enhance relationships with the many different constituencies with which one interacts is fundamental to success in this field. Articulating course goals and the expectations placed on students, residents and faculty, as well as approaching issues pertaining to confidential or sensitive issues in a professional manner necessitates utilization of advanced communication skills. At the conclusion of this workshop, you will: 1. Identify the level at which you are a leader in medical education; 2. Correlate your mission with the core purpose of your clerkship; 3. Understand the importance of emotional intelligence and its role in leadership; 4. Develop strategies for using emotional intelligence to achieve desired outcomes in critical conversations.