David A. Keegan,University of Calgary,Calgary,AB

Rationale: Leaders of educational programs and initiatives will encounter a wide variety of opportunities and challenges. In order for the groups they lead to be successful, leaders should also set themselves up for success. This workshop is based upon the concept that for individuals to be successful as leaders, they need four things to be in place: (1) knowledge of who they are, (2) personal wellness & balance, (3) the right skill-set, and (4) a personal strategic plan.

Objectives: By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to: 1. describe common leadership pitfalls and corresponding solutions experienced by people with personalities similar to their own, 2. describe and conduct a personal wellness wheel audit, 3. describe and conduct a personal leadership skill audit, and 4. describe and start to develop a personal leadership strategic plan (including mentorship and academic scholarship success).

Methods and Content: This highly interactive workshop will be focused on identifying the leadership needs and gaps of the participants. The workshop will be a mixture of large group discussion, individual work (such as the various personal planning and audit work), and peer consultations. Participants will record the leadership areas they want to work on using the provided Leadership Development Map. Participants will also be provided with a resource guide (based on the scientific literature and best practices) that will point participants to references, handy tools and other ways to help remedy any leadership gaps that participants identify and wish to work on. Participants will leave the workshop with their map in hand that includes their own personally-developed plan of leadership development action.