Janet E. Fischel,Stony Brook U School of Medicine and Stony Brook Long Island Children's Hospital,Stony Brook,NY

Rationale: Conducting a superb workshop or retreat can be both challenging and enormously rewarding. For faculty and resident development, these sessions serve as valuable learning tools as well as powerful, informative and entertaining ways to upgrade skills, change behavior, set priorities, inform scholarship, or launch networking focused on specific interests.

Objectives: This workshop aims to address key strategies for developing a winning abstract and implementing workshops or retreats that are highly participatory, engaging, and informative. The strategies and skills to be discussed and practiced are useful for national meetings, school-wide offerings or medical student sessions in learning communities. Emphasis will be placed on workshops for faculty and resident development in a spectrum of topics such as leadership development, clinical teaching methods, mentoring, introducing new skills, delivering feedback effectively, or enhancing team communication. The overall goal of this highly participatory session is to learn strategies for preparing, implementing, teaching, and managing a workshop or retreat so as to yield in workshops you develop in the future: a) strong participant satisfaction; and b) stellar achievement of objectives set for accomplishment.

Methods and Content: Participants will work in pairs, small groups, and full group format to identify and practice several strategies for workshop activities, dynamics, and management, and will learn to attend to both the smallest details (lighting, seating plans) and larger issues (aligning with session objectives, depth vs. breadth, avoiding pitfalls, understanding group dynamics, guiding problem-solving, conducting role plays, keeping it fun). Somewhat like Hamlet's play-within-a-play, we will look at the opportunities, options, and landscape of workshop strategies, methods, and management using this workshop itself as example. We eagerly encourage newcomers to COMSEP to participate, and welcome seasoned workshop leaders seeking innovative tools or willing to share theirs, to join in!