Raghu Kasetty,Michigan State University,Escanaba,MI

Rationale: In order to address the needs of the Generation Y medical student learner while providing an effective learning experience, technology must play a key role. As medical schools across the country increase enrollments, students travel farther away from the main campus for clinical experiences. Technology can bring them together with their peers and medical school faculty by allowing remote participation in live clinical discussions & presentations at the main medical school campus or vice versa.

Objectives: The workshop will demonstrate how to connect remotely with students who are at an off-site rotation using a number of different low-cost web-based modalities. This workshop will also discuss tools that can be used to assess the students learning needs and, allow direct one one-on-on communication for teaching & evaluation. By implementing these technology tools, the learning experience for medical students could be enhanced.

Methods and Content: We will provide tools to make the learning experience interactive & interesting using technology such as an audience response system. Most of the tools demonstrated are free or they are available at a low cost; all are easy to use. The format will be a brief introduction of the concepts and goals of the session followed by break-outs into several small groups. The groups will rotate through various stations where the optimal use of the tools will be demonstrated in real time. The demonstration will include step by step instructions so that participants can readily use the tools during or at the end of session. Participants will be given an exercise to write briefly how they can effectively use one newly-learned technology tool, the barriers to implementation and possible solutions. After the small group sessions, there will be a wrap up session along with Q & As.